Melodrama Capsule

i am that girl who cares too much. i care too much about things that don’t matter, about things that i’ll grow out of and things that aren’t worth worrying about. but youth is all about savoring those small moments that we’ll grow out of later and look back when we’re old and have no more light inside of us and be happy that we did that one thing. just because it’s temporary doesn’t mean it’s not real or significant. be happy that you’re crying and drunk at your friend’s party because your ex is there. revel in the feeling of being young and lost and heartbroken and in love. this is what it’s like. remember me.

This capsule is inspired by Lorde’s Melodrama album. It tells the story of experiencing life in its small moments and feeling too much and being overwhelmed and reveling in all of it. This capsule contains: 2 fiction novels & 1 collection of short stories.

Disclaimer: These books may have graphic imagery that include but is not limited to sex, drugs, and booze. These capsules are intended for adults.

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