Lemonade Capsule

A woman with a father and a husband who could be in two places at once. A woman wearing a yellow dress, swinging a baseball bat and destroying everything in her way. A woman who wears the piece of the other side chick. A woman wearing a fur coat in a desolate, abandoned parking lot. A woman, vulnerable and naked in a bathtub, contemplating her funeral. A woman with her friends, markedly not thinking about him. A woman in a house on fire. Her house. Remembering suddenly all that she had loved and lost. Alone in a stadium, talking to someone who’s not there. A woman with forgiveness for the man she promised to love. A woman who spins gold out of hardship. Who makes lemonade out of lemons.

This capsule is inspired by Beyonce’s album Lemonade. She tells the story of herself, of other black women, of women in color, of women in general. This capsule contains 3 surprise books: 2 nonfiction anthologies of essays (and poems), and 1 fiction collection of short stories.

Disclaimer: These books may have graphic imagery that include but is not limited to sex, drugs, and booze. These capsules are intended for adults.

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