Summer Daze | Capsule Stories

The sun is making a long, grand exit, lighting up the atmosphere in pink, orange, red fires. You can feel the sweat on your skin sticking to the concrete below you. The air feels heavy, lingering in the air, dispelled by only a slight, warm breeze that blows every few moments. You breathe it in as it rushes by. From the distance you can hear a booming, constant and arbitrary, from all directions around you. It sounds like the world has gone to war, like there will only be endless destruction tomorrow morning—and maybe there will be. There will be burn marks on the sidewalk and profanities written in chalk on driveways. But today is a joyous day for everyone to partake in. You look up to the sky and see it explode, stars that are almost close enough to touch, smoke billowing away into our already tattered atmosphere. Fireworks glimmer in the heat, light bursting for a moment and then dissipating, as if it never existed. This is summer daze.

138 pages.

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