The glare of the computer screen shines on your face. It's 1 am and you're still awake, remembering. Scrolling through old Xangas, Tumblrs, Blogspots. Remembering your youth and your innocence and the people who were once important to you. Where are they now?

In the darkness, the glow of your screen is a passageway into another world.

Remember the sadness that used to hang over you, like a filter through which you saw unreality. It’s gone, you tell people, that time has passed. It gets better, you tell the ones who are still trapped in it, just hang in there. And it’s not a complete lie. It is better. You are better. This is no longer an unreality. But in the dead of night, when the past footprints you once left on the internet push through the stillness, you wonder if you just got better at pretending.

Remember, in these moments, that you are here.

This capsule contains 2 fiction novels and 1 collection of poetry.

Disclaimer: These books may have graphic imagery that include but is not limited to sex, drugs, and booze. These capsules are intended for adults.

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