Nostalgia Capsule

She is looking at the camera with a shy smile. She is a few years younger than you. You smile, sadly, at the innocence that bleeds through the picture. She has a brightness you haven’t seen in a long time -- some otherworldly quality that can’t be described but can be felt, even now, years after the picture was taken. It takes you a moment to realize that the person in the picture is you.

In search of our true selves, we often look to the past. Who were we when we were younger, brighter, less cynical? Who were we before we had bills to pay, groceries to buy, appointments to make? When we look at a picture of ourselves, years ago, at a younger us, we try to find happiness that maybe wasn’t there. We ask questions that may never be answered. But perhaps, buried in the rough past, is a jeweled moment that is worth reliving.

Each of the books in this capsule are meant to feel “blue,” and will bring that warm, bittersweet feeling of nostalgia to you. Each of the books are nostalgic in their own ways. This capsule comes with 3 books.

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Pay Per Season

$50.00 / Season
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  • Charged every 3 months
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Two Season Prepay

$47.50 / Season
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  • All charges upfront

Four Season Prepay

$45.00 / Season
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