Destiny Capsule

You sit in a cheap white folding chair, the sun beating down on your shoulders. Your entire life is beating down on your back. The stares of your family, his family, her family, everyone’s family are beating down on the back of your head. You sit there, wearing a gown that’s too big for you, too warm for this hot summer day and you wonder, “What’s next? Where do I go from here?”

It’s only when you are standing in line for your name to be called, by some stranger you’ve never met but is apparently very important to the institution from which you are leaving, that you realize the answer: Everything, and everywhere. You will do everything, and you will go everywhere. The whole world is before you, and you are free.

Each of the books in this capsule are meant to feel “yellow,” and will help you orient yourself in the world. Each of the books will give you hope. They will signal to you a bright future that lays ahead - if you’re willing to chase after it. This capsule comes with 3 books, one of which is a collection of essays.

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Pay Per Season

$50.00 / Season
  • Pay each shipment as it comes
  • Charged every 3 months
  • Ships every 3 months

Two Season Prepay

$47.50 / Season
  • Prepaid for 2 shipments
  • Ships every 3 months
  • All charges upfront

Four Season Prepay

$45.00 / Season
  • Prepaid for 4 shipments
  • Ships every 3 months
  • All charges upfront