You open your eyes when the sunlight hits your eyes through the crack in the blinds. In between the sheets it is warm, comforting, irresistible. There is nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to do, at least not right now. You close your eyes and take a deep breath - the smell of fresh laundry fills your nose and you snuggle deeper into the blankets.

Your awareness floats between awake and dreaming, when suddenly you feel another body next to you. A furry face appears over the blanket, staring you right in the face, excited. You pet his head and scratch his neck, and he settles in a comfortable position - for him. With no alarm to snooze, you savor this feeling.

This capsule contains 2 fiction novels and 1 collection of poetry.

Disclaimer: These books may have graphic imagery that include but is not limited to sex, drugs, and booze. These capsules are intended for adults.

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