Everyone talks about winter like it’s the death of nature, but I really think it’s when nature looks prettiest. I love how the trees take their makeup off and let themselves be how they are. I love how cold and untouched the steering wheel is, waiting for your (also cold) hand to warm it up. I love how the shock of the brisk air can make you feel both warm and cold. How your cheeks turn red and the air you breathe becomes art. I love how you look up at me, bundled up in your scarf, your eyes the only hint that a human lies beneath the winter clothes. I love the way winter turns the world into someone that I can love.

This capsule comes with 2 fiction books, 1 poetry book, a handwritten letter explaining why we chose these books, & an exclusive bookmark & postcard.

Disclaimer: These books may contain content that is not intended for younger readers, such as sexual content, violence, or bad language.

Price: $50.00

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