The sun beats down the top of your head as you walk on cobblestone streets to the nearest cafe. You reach delicately placed tables scattered outside of a warm yellow bricked building and sit down at the table nearest to the street. You want to see all the people passing by. All the details that ordinary tourists miss, all the answers hidden in between the cracks on the floor. All the faces of locals for whom this kind of setting is just ordinary.

An old Italian man places a dish holding a chilled bowl of ice cream and a glass shot of espresso in front of you. Affogato. A happy marriage of vanilla gelato and espresso. Cold ice cream drowned in a shot of hot espresso. Two blissful ingredients pledging eternal union.

You are surrounded by couples. Some locals, some tourists, some tourists on first dates with attractive locals, unable to speak sentences to each other but smiling, laughing. You wonder if, when, that’ll happen to you.

For you, it is different. The affogato is a reminder of the thing - that thing, that annoying thing you don’t know how to define. This affogato, ephemeral in its pleasure, atop this faded yellow tablecloth, sitting on ancient cobblestone streets with tiny cars passing you by. This is a place that is anything but normal. A place where you will find what you are looking for. A place that, you suppose, holds the answer.

This capsule comes with 3 fiction books that are set in Italy, one of which is published by Unnamed Press, a small, independent literary publisher in Los Angeles.

Disclaimer: These books may contain content that is not intended for younger readers, such as sexual content, violence, or bad language.

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