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Each of the books that go into our carefully curated capsules is near and dear to our hearts. They are books we share with friends. They are books that we can't put down - not because we want to know what happens next (although we do), but because they keep us company. We believe that the right book can change our perspectives, open our minds, and nourish our hearts.

We believe that words shape us as individuals. Words stay with us as we go through life, and the words we kept sacred yesterday may be different than the words we need today. Whatever you may be experiencing right at this time in your life, there are the right words for it. The right words comfort us in need. They breathe life into our beings. They show us how we feel. And we are here to give them to you.

What we aim for is an education, but we don't believe you need to be taught in order to learn. Fiction books often come with a life lesson, in the form of a captivating story, dynamic characters, and beautiful prose.

Who are we? Individuals, just like you. We feel overwhelmed when we enter a bookstore, full of thousands of ideas, full of knowledge, all so far away. We feel that reading a book is a lost art, and that words on a page are far more moving than words on a screen. We want to offer you something that transcends genres and labels; we want to offer you more.