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Each of the books that go into our carefully curated capsules is near and dear to our hearts. They are books we share with friends. They are books that we can't put down - not because we want to know what happens next (although we do), but because they keep us company. We believe that the right book can change our perspectives, open our minds, and nourish our hearts.

We believe that words shape us as individuals. Words stay with us as we go through life, and the words we kept sacred yesterday may be different than the words we need today. Whatever you may be experiencing right at this time in your life, there are the right words for it. The right words comfort us in need. They breathe life into our beings. They show us how we feel. And we are here to give them to you.

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Autumn 2018 Capsules

Matcha Parfait Capsule

Matcha Parfait Capsule

Affogato Capsule

Affogato Capsule

Creme Brulee Capsule

Creme Brulee Capsule

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My capsule was so well put together. It is clear to me that a lot of thought went into the books included, the theme and the overall feeling the receiver gets. I can’t explain how much this box put a smile on my face - these are not hyped, trendy, books of the moment... these are quality picks and the surprise element of the box based on the theme you chose is just so spot on!

Carolyn S

First time ever and one of the very best things I’ve ever done for myself ever. This capsule captured my heart and soul.

Kathleen S.

Capsule Books is a thoughtfully curated subscription. The price is right and customer service excellent. You’ll be supporting an entrepreneurial woman who is generously donating books as well. And yes, there’s a lovely bookmark included. But there’s so much more. I always hear about the solitary nature of reading, which is true. But I love how Capsule is like getting a suggestion from a friend with a beautifully written note on why the books were chosen. These are letters to reread and think about after I read each book. Then, you have paper and envelope to pass on your own experience with these books to a friend. I make a copy of the Capsule letter to include too. I’ve had great conversations with friends about the books I receive. If you love books or have been feeling the need to get back to reading, I highly recommend Capsule Books. Great gift idea too!


I absolutely love my capsule books! Such a lovely curated selection- very unique and one of a kind. I'm so glad I subscribed!!

Julie T.

I've *almost* joined about a dozen book subscription services, but Capsule Books stands out above the rest. Each capsule contains three books representing a certain emotional theme. The selection is outstanding and always leaves me wishing that I had bought every capsule of the season! This service offers a truly personal touch with handwritten notes, a calligraphic title of the capsule, and gorgeous bookmarks. If you like reading and dogs, their social media presence is delightful as well. I can't recommend Capsule Books enough!


The Capsule Collective

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